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Xojo2DMG: CodeSign, DMG creation and Notarization (Post Build Script) 0.9.11

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Are you distributing macOS Software outside of the Mac App Store? For your users best experience and confidence, your applications have to be Notarized by Apple.
A requirement for that is to CodeSign with Hardened Runtime. This might lead to a different Runtime behavior compared to a simple (unsigned) DebugRun within the Xojo IDE.
That's why I encourage everyone to CodeSign (with Hardened Runtime) each and every DebugRun on macOS, allowing you to develop and debug as close to a Release Build as possible.

This example shows how a Post Build Script can be used in a Xojo project in order to create a customized DiskImage, sign and notarize both .app and .dmg.
You can easily customize the DiskImage's appearance by setting a couple of Variables in the Post Build Script. Additionally, even Notarization can be performed fully scripted. That requires to set up an item in your Keychain - see Info in the Script provided.

1. Xojo running on macOS (obviously... you can't CodeSign on Windows)
2. CodeSigning, CodeSigning-Validation and Notarization requires Xcode to be installed
3. CodeSign of .dmg requires OS X 10.11.5 (or later)
4. Validation of the .dmg's CodeSignature requires macOS 10.12.0 (or later).
5. Notarization: Xcode 11, macOS 10.13.6

Example DMG
This DMG has been created with Xojo2DMG (built with macOS 10.15.1, Xcode 11.2.1 for CodeSigning/Notarization)

How to use with your Xojo-built .app?
1. Copy the folder 'scripts' to your project folder.
2. Create a PostBuild Script in your project and copy-and-paste the example PostBuild Script provided in Xojo2DMG.
3. Read the Comments in PostBuild Script, modify according to your needs (CodeSign Entitlements, Notarization, DMG look and feel).

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