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Xojo Code Example: CRCCalculator (Cyclic Redundancy Check: CRC8, CRC16, CRC32) 1.0.1

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This example Xojo project shows how CRC Calculations (Cyclic Redundancy Check: CRC8, CRC16, CRC32) can be implemented in Xojo Code.
Because it's not available in the Xojo Framework, one has to either use a Plugin - or calculate the Algorithm(s) manually.

This example contains the implementation(s) explained from here.

Online CRC Calculator
This example allows to show the results by launching this Online CRC Calculator so that you can compare and verify the results.

How to use with your own Xojo-built .app?
1. copy/paste the required CRC Calculator Classes into your project.
2.1 create an instance of the Class by using a predefined Algorithm: CRC16Calculator.CreateByType(CRC16Type.MODBUS)
2.2 or create a custom Calculator: New CRC16Calculator("CRC-16/GENIBUS", &h1021, &hffff, false, false, &hffff)
3. Get the result: oCRCCalculator.Result("1234567890")/code>

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